1. Ferrania P30 ALPHA: It’s Hard to be Negative

    Date 02 Feb 2017
    Source: Film Ferrania It’s happening again! 2017 is turning out to be an emulsional (heh) year, with Film Ferrania announcing the production of P30 ALPHA, an ISO 80 black and white film with the power to destroy an entire planet. The reborn Ferrania is best known for the crowdfunded relaunch of Ferrania-3M…

  2. Ektachrome Reborn: Is it Positive News?

    Date 10 Jan 2017
    Source: It was with some bemusement last week I read the news that Ektachrome, Kodak’s discontinued colour transparency (i.e. slide) film, was making a comeback. The news flashed up in my Facebook feed, and knowing how susceptible social media feeds can be to fake news, confirmed it with a…

  3. Film Scanners: The Final Frontier

    Date 14 Oct 2016
    This will be my final article on film scanners. At least until my current one breaks and I have to find a replacement. Much has happened since I last wrote about my struggles with film scanners. Back in March, I received my repaired Pacific Image PF120 Pro scanner back from a…

  4. From the Archives: X-Pectations

    Date 18 May 2016
    From the Archives is a series of posts written some time in the past, although still relevant for photographers. This post was originally published on 13 June 2013 at How to Democracy in the wake of the launch of the Leica X Vario. I have resisted the urge to change any…

  5. Book Review: NASA Graphics Standards Manual

    Date 15 May 2016
    Graphic designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth have been busy. In addition to their day jobs as associate partners at iconic design firm Pentagram, they have been reprinting and reissuing old and seemingly mundane graphics standards manuals – guides made by designers and issued to clients to establish unity and…

  6. A Magazine from Blurb

    Date 29 Apr 2016
    In my last post, I spoke about my most recent experience producing a Blurb photo book as a family album. The album was of a very high quality, however the price was on the high side. If you want you photographs in print (which you absolutely should) there is another option.…

  7. A Photo Book from Blurb

    Date 27 Apr 2016
    It is difficult to overstate the importance of the physical object in the digital age. As a photographer, that means the importance of the print. The ephemeral nature of data means that already many of our memories and much of our information – that used to be physical – have disappeared. Some are already warning of the “digital dark…

  8. Pharma Film Review: Rossmann 200 & 400 35mm

    Date 09 Apr 2016
    Rossmann 3er Spar-Pack (2014) There was a time when you could walk into any pharmacy and find an array of cheap 35mm film. Much of it was rebranded OEM film, some of it was cheaply-produced home brand stuff, but it was film nonetheless. Although the “1-HR PHOTOS” Kodak signs remain…

  9. Is There a Problem With Modern Lenses?

    Date 20 Mar 2016
    New and old(er). Is newer betterer? In a rather surprising post, Petapixel (the patron saint of aggregated gear-oriented digital photographic clickbait) published (or reposted) an article challenging the photographic orthodoxy, the very orthodoxy that keeps the website in business through advertising. In this article, photographer Yannick Khong argues the problem with modern lenses is that they have…

  10. Update: Pacific Image PF120 Pro Scanner Review

    Date 18 Mar 2016
    Note — October 2016:I have since parted ways with my PF120 Pro. After I received the repaired unit mentioned in this post, banding recurred. I then received a brand-new replacement unit from the distributor and promptly sold it. I am now scanning with an Epson V700. Find out more about

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