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  1. NEW Films from Kodak and CineStill

    2022-03-28 09:31:43 UTC

    Kodak Gold 200 — please note, this is an actual photograph of physical products, not a render. That’s pretty cool! It’s been a while since I’ve covered the release of a new photographic film, but it’s with some delight that TWO new films have been announced in the past few…

  2. KODAKFilmCase by RETO Production

    2021-01-19 22:29:56 UTC

    It’s a confusing time to be a film photographer. On the one hand, we keep hearing stories about ‘huge growth’ in film photography, yet companies with ‘film’ in their name routinely discontinue popular emulsions.  Take Kodak, for example. The Kodak of the 21st century ain’t your daddy’s or grandpappy’s Big…

  3. Skyrail

    2021-01-14 10:18:59 UTC

    Hughesdale Station | Olympus  µ[mju:]-II | Kodak Portra 160 “I am worried about the safety and privacy of my children, that they are not going to be preyed upon by paedophiles looking into the pool when they are swimming.” This is not a comment you’d expect to be associated with…

  4. Ektachrome’s Revival Continues

    2020-01-29 01:44:36 UTC

    Ektachrome E100 in 120 I came of photographic age at the very end of the analogue era. Sadly, this was during the Great Emulsional Purge that began in the mid-2000s. When I started shooting film, you could easily pick up a MJU-II for less than a pineapple (that’s $50) or—in…

  5. Negative News That isn’t Pushing It

    2018-02-23 11:03:41 UTC

    Every day in the 21st century when a new or re-engineered photographic film is announced is a good day. Today is one of those days with Kodak announcing the un-discontinuation of P3200 TMAX — the last great high-speed black and white film (put down your pitchforks, I’ve just never liked…

  6. Ektachrome Reborn: Is it Positive News?

    2017-01-10 02:52:00 UTC

    Source: It was with some bemusement last week I read the news that Ektachrome, Kodak’s discontinued colour transparency (i.e. slide) film, was making a comeback. The news flashed up in my Facebook feed, and knowing how susceptible social media feeds can be to fake news, confirmed it with a…

  7. Film Review: Lomography Lady Grey 400 35mm

    2015-04-07 13:20:00 UTC

    It is my usual form to pour scorn over everything Lomographic, from the brand’s retrograde embrace of optical aberrations to their questionable business tactics (who wants to Kickstart another commercial product?). What cannot be criticised, however, is Lomography’s unswerving commitment to the analogue photography…even if they are primarily responsible…

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