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  1. From the Archives: X-Pectations

    18 May 2016

    From the Archives is a series of posts written some time in the past, although still relevant for photographers. This post was originally published on 13 June 2013 at How to Democracy in the wake of the launch of the Leica X Vario. I have resisted the urge to change…

  2. A Skeptical Approach to Cameras or: An Ode to the Leica M4-2

    31 Aug 2015

    Leica M4-2 by Andrew J. Cosgriff If you’ve gone hunting for a decent hi-fi setup anytime over the past two decades, chances are you have come across publications such as What Hi-Fi or Stereophile and cooed over their adjective-laden reviews of high-end equipment you’ve never heard of, “must-have” accessories you’ll…

  3. About the Shot: Berlin

    07 Jun 2015

    Buy a print and make Richard happy. November 9, 2014: my first day back in Berlin. I wandered some 39km through the streets. It seemed most of the city was on the streets the day marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the ‘Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart’ otherwise known as…

  4. A Walk in the (Leitz) Park

    27 Apr 2015

    Late last year, I was lucky enough to undertake a pilgrimage to one of the holy sites of photography: Leitz Park in Wetzlar. The recently-opened complex is home to state-of-the-art production facilities for Leica Camera, in addition to three other related companies: Leica’s cine-focused sister company CW Sonderoptic,…

  5. Travelling with Film, Part I: The Gear

    15 Feb 2015

    61 days, 21 cities, 9 countries, 76 rolls of film. These were an amazing two months on the road (well, rails more often than not) with all the sights, sounds and intellectual stimulation that only Europe can provide. But when I tell people I shot 76 rolls of film, they…

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