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  1. Fujifilm X-E4: It’s what OUTSIDE that counts

    2021-01-29 02:37:07 UTC

    God, these Fujifilm ‘lifestyle’ images are so full of cheese. I love them. Source: Fujifilm Fujifilm announced a slew of new products this week, including the long-awaited X-E4, the latest in a line of cameras that has been pronounced dead more than once during its existence. Its release is noteworthy…

  2. Happy 10th birthday, Fujifilm Finepix X100!

    2020-09-24 12:32:36 UTC

    A self-portrait of the photographer as young(er) man September 2010. I was waiting in Monash Univerisity’s iconic Rotunda for a lecture (‘daring architecture with great presence’—now demolished). As was so often the case, however, something outside of my studies had my complete attention. Rumours had been circulating online that Fujifilm,…

  3. Stocking up on Stock

    2018-07-05 11:43:03 UTC

    Berlin, 2015 I wonder how long “film” will remain part of Fujifilm’s product line up? This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night, though only usually after my 2 year-old has declared 3am “have a play” time. But I digress. 2018 has seen Fuji-‘film’…

  4. London’s Brutal Reality

    2018-02-13 03:52:00 UTC

    I like big blocks and I cannot lie. Big blocks of raw concrete, that is. And as a fan of concrete architecture, there are few cities better for appreciating this polarising material than London. From grand cultural buildings to small-scale functional infrastructure, raw concrete altered London’s post-war cityscape more than…

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