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  1. Plastic Fantastisch: The Leica AF-C1 Reviewed

    2023-05-16 01:39:51 UTC

    Leica’s first auto-focus, auto-exposure point-and-shoot camera My beloved Olympus µ[mju:]-II is on its last legs. With increasing regularity, I encounter the dreaded ‘lens stuck out’ error, where the camera will take an exposure but the lens will not retract back into the body. I’ve written elsewhere about how much I…

  2. 13+ Years with Kodak Ektar 100

    2022-04-07 04:59:20 UTC

    September 2008. I still remember the excitement of the announcement of Kodak Ektar 100. As someone who was new to film photography, this was the first time I had experienced the launch of an all-new photographic film. According to Kodak’s press release, Ektar 100 would offer “high saturation and ultra-vivid…

  3. NEW Films from Kodak and CineStill

    2022-03-28 09:31:43 UTC

    Kodak Gold 200 — please note, this is an actual photograph of physical products, not a render. That’s pretty cool! It’s been a while since I’ve covered the release of a new photographic film, but it’s with some delight that TWO new films have been announced in the past few…

  4. KODAKFilmCase by RETO Production

    2021-01-19 22:29:56 UTC

    It’s a confusing time to be a film photographer. On the one hand, we keep hearing stories about ‘huge growth’ in film photography, yet companies with ‘film’ in their name routinely discontinue popular emulsions.  Take Kodak, for example. The Kodak of the 21st century ain’t your daddy’s or grandpappy’s Big…

  5. Skyrail

    2021-01-14 10:18:59 UTC

    Hughesdale Station | Olympus  µ[mju:]-II | Kodak Portra 160 “I am worried about the safety and privacy of my children, that they are not going to be preyed upon by paedophiles looking into the pool when they are swimming.” This is not a comment you’d expect to be associated with…

  6. A New Ortho-doxy: Ilford Ortho Plus 80 35mm Film

    2020-02-04 09:37:00 UTC

    My first roll of Ilford Ortho Plus 80 Ilford Ortho Plus 80 in 35mm — Image: Ilford Photo Any year which brings brand-new photographic films onto the market in the 21st century is a good year. Over the past 12 months, film photographers were lucky enough to see Kodak Ektachrome…

  7. Ektachrome’s Revival Continues

    2020-01-29 01:44:36 UTC

    Ektachrome E100 in 120 I came of photographic age at the very end of the analogue era. Sadly, this was during the Great Emulsional Purge that began in the mid-2000s. When I started shooting film, you could easily pick up a MJU-II for less than a pineapple (that’s $50) or—in…

  8. Review: Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film

    2018-06-19 11:00:37 UTC

    Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film has an awesome box No, the sub-editor for this piece hasn’t suffered some form of minor stroke [hint: there is no sub-editor], this is a serious piece about a serious film. You out there in the real world may know it better as Rollei

  9. Getting the Band(ing) Back Together

    2018-05-21 01:36:15 UTC

    My Pacific Image PF120 Pro (l) and Nikon Coolscan 5000ED (r) in happier days Dear readers, I have been living a lie. For the past little while, I’ve assured you that I was settled on film scanners. That I had made my (flat)bed and was relatively content sleeping in it:…

  10. Unfair Use

    2018-05-11 01:22:14 UTC

    If you’re a photographer looking to sell your works with little of the overhead or effort usually required, then Redbubble is a great place to be. And it’s not only prints you can offer, but your photography or any other type of art on a range of products from duvet…

  11. A Terrible Vista

    2018-03-10 04:26:12 UTC

    “THEY’RE DEAD. THEY’RE ALL. DEAD.” Two more films are said to have bitten the dust: AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 and 400 colour negative films. It’s an open secret that these films are manufactured by Fujifilm in Japan, however these emulsions have been a cheap and reliable product for many film…

  12. Negative News That isn’t Pushing It

    2018-02-23 11:03:41 UTC

    Every day in the 21st century when a new or re-engineered photographic film is announced is a good day. Today is one of those days with Kodak announcing the un-discontinuation of P3200 TMAX — the last great high-speed black and white film (put down your pitchforks, I’ve just never liked…

  13. So on and Sofort

    2017-12-18 11:20:06 UTC

    It might seem strange as a photographic enthusiast, but I’m over cameras. There was a time, when I was working in photographic retail, that I visited DPReview a dozen times a day and was forever pressing F5 on, waiting for the rumoured release of a brand new 12 megapixel…

  14. Roll 600!

    2017-05-22 03:18:54 UTC

    Let’s call it “creative clutter”… Roll 600! Fastidious Photographic Freak Achievement Unlocked! For those who are confused, or are about to close this window (I don’t blame you), I am quietly celebrating the logging of my 600th roll of film in my Digital Analogue Database, known to normal people as…

  15. Ferrania P30 ALPHA: It’s Hard to be Negative

    2017-02-02 06:06:00 UTC

    Source: Film Ferrania It’s happening again! 2017 is turning out to be an emulsional (heh) year, with Film Ferrania announcing the production of P30 ALPHA, an ISO 80 black and white film with the power to destroy an entire planet. The reborn Ferrania is best known for the crowdfunded relaunch…

  16. Ektachrome Reborn: Is it Positive News?

    2017-01-10 02:52:00 UTC

    Source: It was with some bemusement last week I read the news that Ektachrome, Kodak’s discontinued colour transparency (i.e. slide) film, was making a comeback. The news flashed up in my Facebook feed, and knowing how susceptible social media feeds can be to fake news, confirmed it with a…

  17. Film Scanners: The Final Frontier

    2016-10-14 11:41:00 UTC

    This will be my final article on film scanners. At least until my current one breaks and I have to find a replacement. Much has happened since I last wrote about my struggles with film scanners. Back in March, I received my repaired Pacific Image PF120 Pro scanner back from…

  18. Pharma Film Review: Rossmann 200 & 400 35mm

    2016-04-09 00:37:00 UTC

    Rossmann 3er Spar-Pack (2014) There was a time when you could walk into any pharmacy and find an array of cheap 35mm film. Much of it was rebranded OEM film, some of it was cheaply-produced home brand stuff, but it was film nonetheless. Although the “1-HR PHOTOS” Kodak signs remain…

  19. Update: Pacific Image PF120 Pro Scanner Review

    2016-03-18 23:25:00 UTC

    Note — October 2016:I have since parted ways with my PF120 Pro. After I received the repaired unit mentioned in this post, banding recurred. I then received a brand-new replacement unit from the distributor and promptly sold it. I am now scanning with an Epson V700. Find out more about

  20. Things I Use: Voigtländer VC Meter II

    2016-02-13 03:45:00 UTC

    I own quite a bit of photography gear, but I am not a collector. Every item I own I use at one point or another. When I travel, so do my cameras. As a result, some of my gear is a bit cosmetically (and sometimes operationally) blemished. My Voigtländer VC…

  21. Hands-On Review with the Pacific Image PF120 Pro

    2015-10-21 00:59:00 UTC

    The Pacific Image PF120 Pro (left) with the Nikon Coolscan LS-5000ED Update — October 2016: I have since parted ways with my PF120 Pro. It developed a severe banding problem, was sent off to Taiwan for repairs, and received back around 2 months later. This repaired unit also developed banding.

  22. A Skeptical Approach to Cameras or: An Ode to the Leica M4-2

    2015-08-31 13:24:00 UTC

    Leica M4-2 by Andrew J. Cosgriff If you’ve gone hunting for a decent hi-fi setup anytime over the past two decades, chances are you have come across publications such as What Hi-Fi or Stereophile and cooed over their adjective-laden reviews of high-end equipment you’ve never heard of, “must-have” accessories you’ll…

  23. Travelling With Film, Part III: Buying and Processing

    2015-08-05 11:51:00 UTC

    As we have discovered in the previous parts of this series, travelling with film overseas is not difficult. The simplicity of a mechanical camera and single lens can make the process of photography more than the just the lugging around of technology. Less is more. Now we look at how…

  24. About the Shot: Berlin

    2015-06-07 23:39:00 UTC

    Buy a print and make Richard happy. November 9, 2014: my first day back in Berlin. I wandered some 39km through the streets. It seemed most of the city was on the streets the day marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the ‘Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart’ otherwise known as…

  25. About the Shot: Uetliberg 2:40pm

    2015-06-05 23:30:00 UTC

    Buy a print of Uetliberg 2:40pm and make Richard happy. My lasting memory of Zürich is visiting Starbucks, buying two coffees and walking out about AUD$20 poorer. Switzerland’s largest city is not a cheap place to visit, but it has a certain appeal. For one, there is its famous public…

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