1. A Photo Book from Blurb

    2016-04-27 12:13:00 UTC
    It is difficult to overstate the importance of the physical object in the digital age. As a photographer, that means the importance of the print. The ephemeral nature of data means that already many of our memories and much of our information – that used to be physical – have…

  2. Pharma Film Review: Rossmann 200 & 400 35mm

    2016-04-09 00:37:00 UTC
    Rossmann 3er Spar-Pack (2014) There was a time when you could walk into any pharmacy and find an array of cheap 35mm film. Much of it was rebranded OEM film, some of it was cheaply-produced home brand stuff, but it was film nonetheless. Although the “1-HR PHOTOS” Kodak signs remain…

  3. Is There a Problem With Modern Lenses?

    2016-03-20 20:12:00 UTC
    New and old(er). Is newer betterer? In a rather surprising post, Petapixel (the patron saint of aggregated gear-oriented digital photographic clickbait) published (or reposted) an article challenging the photographic orthodoxy, the very orthodoxy that keeps the website in business through advertising. In this article, photographer Yannick Khong argues the problem…

  4. Update: Pacific Image PF120 Pro Scanner Review

    2016-03-18 23:25:00 UTC
    Note — October 2016:I have since parted ways with my PF120 Pro. After I received the repaired unit mentioned in this post, banding recurred. I then received a brand-new replacement unit from the distributor and promptly sold it. I am now scanning with an Epson V700. Find out more about

  5. Things I Use: Voigtländer VC Meter II

    2016-02-13 03:45:00 UTC
    I own quite a bit of photography gear, but I am not a collector. Every item I own I use at one point or another. When I travel, so do my cameras. As a result, some of my gear is a bit cosmetically (and sometimes operationally) blemished. My Voigtländer VC…

  6. Hands-On Review with the Pacific Image PF120 Pro

    2015-10-21 00:59:00 UTC
    The Pacific Image PF120 Pro (left) with the Nikon Coolscan LS-5000ED Update — October 2016: I have since parted ways with my PF120 Pro. It developed a severe banding problem, was sent off to Taiwan for repairs, and received back around 2 months later. This repaired unit also developed banding.

  7. A Skeptical Approach to Cameras or: An Ode to the Leica M4-2

    2015-08-31 13:24:00 UTC
    Leica M4-2 by Andrew J. Cosgriff If you’ve gone hunting for a decent hi-fi setup anytime over the past two decades, chances are you have come across publications such as What Hi-Fi or Stereophile and cooed over their adjective-laden reviews of high-end equipment you’ve never heard of, “must-have” accessories you’ll…

  8. Buy Film Here

    2015-08-08 06:56:00 UTC
    Long after most tourists swapped 35mm film for the selfie stick, the red and yellow of the Kodak logo remains stubbornly visible across the tourist traps of Europe. From shop facades, to windows; umbrellas to awnings, the red and yellow  – most recently defined as Pantones 485 and 123 respectively…

  9. Travelling With Film, Part III: Buying and Processing

    2015-08-05 11:51:00 UTC
    As we have discovered in the previous parts of this series, travelling with film overseas is not difficult. The simplicity of a mechanical camera and single lens can make the process of photography more than the just the lugging around of technology. Less is more. Now we look at how…

  10. Photobook Review: The Lost Border

    2015-08-05 09:24:00 UTC
    This is the first of two reviews that follow along a similar path. Brian Rose’s The Lost Border: The Landscape of the Iron Curtain is a simply elegant book which visually charts that famous geopolitical fault line which existed in one form or another from 1946 until 1989.  Rose chronicles…

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