1. Supersonic Dreams

    01 Mar 2019
    Concorde 001 takes off from Toulouse on its maiden flight — Image: Airbus On this day fifty years ago, Concorde made its maiden flight. The French prototype 001 lifted off from Toulouse with test pilot André Turcat at the controls for a modest 28 minute flight of what would become…

  2. Where the Big Birds Fly

    01 Mar 2019
    Airbus A319 D-AKNL | EW7462 | HAM–LHR At what age did you stop looking up when you heard the roar of a jet engine overhead? At what point did a passing freight train become a traffic frustration instead of a counting challenge? Well if you answered “NEVER!”, then congratulations for…

  3. “Zoom in…and ENHANCE

    20 Feb 2019
    Image: Fujifilm If you’re a Fujifilm X shooter, you might have a bit of a love-hate relationship with your camera. I absolutely adore my X-Pro2. It’s everything I could possibly want from a digital camera, but its “revolutionary” X-Trans sensor can often leave a bit to be desired when paired…

  4. Lost and Finder — Cover Flow and MacOS Mojave

    28 Sep 2018
    Source: Another year, another MacOS update. This year, we move into the desert with MacOS Mojave. These new releases have, generally speaking, been pretty good since the divisive OS X Lion. Each successive release has largely focused on security and under-the-hood improvements, although some features have been added (and…

  5. One Mount to Rule Them All?

    26 Sep 2018
    Source: Exciting times at the now annual Photokina trade show overnight where Leica, Panasonic and Sigma announced a new alliance based around Leica’s L-Mount. Along with the announcement of the alliance, came one of those dastardly ‘development’ announcements (announcing that a product is in development with further actual product…

  6. New Camera: Rollei 35

    18 Jul 2018
    Are you the token “photographer” in your family or friendship group? Others may own cameras, but you’re the one they always come to for advice or, in some circumstances, the one they turn to to dump their ancient, unwanted camera gear: “YOU LIKE CAMERAS DON’T YOU I GOT THIS PENTAX…

  7. Stocking up on Stock

    05 Jul 2018
    Berlin, 2015 I wonder how long “film” will remain part of Fujifilm’s product line up? This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night, though only usually after my 2 year-old has declared 3am “have a play” time. But I digress. 2018 has seen Fuji-‘film’…

  8. The Nikon Coolscan 5000ED Returns

    30 Jun 2018
    Look out! Here comes High Speed USB 2.0!! Note: The awesome 2004 brochure — subtitled “Timemachineography™ (??) — the above image comes from is still live on Nikon USA’s website. Find it here: Several years after wandering in the film scanning wilderness, I’ve re-acquired a Nikon Coolscan 5000. I…

  9. Review: Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film

    19 Jun 2018
    Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film has an awesome box No, the sub-editor for this piece hasn’t suffered some form of minor stroke [hint: there is no sub-editor], this is a serious piece about a serious film. You out there in the real world may know it better as Rollei

  10. Getting the Band(ing) Back Together

    21 May 2018
    My Pacific Image PF120 Pro (l) and Nikon Coolscan 5000ED (r) in happier days Dear readers, I have been living a lie. For the past little while, I’ve assured you that I was settled on film scanners. That I had made my (flat)bed and was relatively content sleeping in it:…

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