1. The Nikon Coolscan 5000ED Returns

    2018-06-30 05:24:43 UTC
    Look out! Here comes High Speed USB 2.0!! Note: The awesome 2004 brochure — subtitled “Timemachineography™ (??) — the above image comes from is still live on Nikon USA’s website. Find it here: Several years after wandering in the film scanning wilderness, I’ve re-acquired a Nikon Coolscan 5000. I…

  2. Review: Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film

    2018-06-19 11:00:37 UTC
    Roly Poly Changeable ISO Slide Film has an awesome box No, the sub-editor for this piece hasn’t suffered some form of minor stroke [hint: there is no sub-editor], this is a serious piece about a serious film. You out there in the real world may know it better as Rollei

  3. Getting the Band(ing) Back Together

    2018-05-21 01:36:15 UTC
    My Pacific Image PF120 Pro (l) and Nikon Coolscan 5000ED (r) in happier days Dear readers, I have been living a lie. For the past little while, I’ve assured you that I was settled on film scanners. That I had made my (flat)bed and was relatively content sleeping in it:…

  4. Hi Redbubble, we need to talk

    2018-05-12 12:55:02 UTC
    Hi Redbubble, We need to talk. I have been a long-time user and advocate of Redbubble’s work. I’ve always been delighted with the quality and range of products as both a customer and artist. I’ve submitted entries for competitions and residencies and generally felt very positive about the company. But…

  5. Unfair Use

    2018-05-11 01:22:14 UTC
    If you’re a photographer looking to sell your works with little of the overhead or effort usually required, then Redbubble is a great place to be. And it’s not only prints you can offer, but your photography or any other type of art on a range of products from duvet…

  6. Hindsight is 1440x1080

    2018-04-21 03:50:00 UTC
    Sony HDR-FX1 (Sony Press Image from 2004) Anyone who’s bought a new camera over the past fifteen years can tell you how far digital photography has come. From a clunky 3.1 megapixel ‘compact’ ($2,000+ back in the day), to the unobtanium that was a 128mb SmartMedia card ($270; ‘never run…

  7. A Terrible Vista

    2018-03-10 04:26:12 UTC
    “THEY’RE DEAD. THEY’RE ALL. DEAD.” Two more films are said to have bitten the dust: AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 and 400 colour negative films. It’s an open secret that these films are manufactured by Fujifilm in Japan, however these emulsions have been a cheap and reliable product for many film…

  8. Negative News That isn’t Pushing It

    2018-02-23 11:03:41 UTC
    Every day in the 21st century when a new or re-engineered photographic film is announced is a good day. Today is one of those days with Kodak announcing the un-discontinuation of P3200 TMAX — the last great high-speed black and white film (put down your pitchforks, I’ve just never liked…

  9. London’s Brutal Reality

    2018-02-13 03:52:00 UTC
    I like big blocks and I cannot lie. Big blocks of raw concrete, that is. And as a fan of concrete architecture, there are few cities better for appreciating this polarising material than London. From grand cultural buildings to small-scale functional infrastructure, raw concrete altered London’s post-war cityscape more than…

  10. Anatomy of a Camera Bag: Billingham Hadley Pro

    2018-01-17 04:47:34 UTC
    Billingham Hadley Pro BeginningFor some photographers, the camera bag is a vital piece of equipment. Not only is it a space for protecting valuable gear from the elements, but it’s a space of concealment for other bits and pieces too. For others, camera bags are unnecessary barriers preventing the…

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